Corporates 2022

THANK YOU! Your support for the WLA Coachathon is very much appreciated. We are delighted to not only support MicroLoan Foundation’s incredible work, but also to celebrate the power of coaching as a brilliant personal development choice.


Your free coaching session


If you are an intended recipient of a free coaching session, you should have received an e-gift card from a member of your team.

Click here to select your coach and book your coaching session, following the instructions on your e-gift card.


The WLA Coachathon is a 24-hour, global coaching marathon, where over 200 coaches give their time for free so that anyone, anywhere can book a coaching session by making a donation to MicroLoan Foundation. Your company, or employer, has already made a donation on your behalf. This means you have access to one 45-minute coaching session with a coach of your choice, at no cost to you!


Below are some helpful FAQs. Thank you so much again for your support.

The discount code is available on Eventbrite here:

Visit Click on your preferred time zone, and click on a coaching stream of your choice.


Browse coaches, reading their bios, and find a coach you’d like to work with. Complete the short booking form and press ‘Request to Book’.


This triggers an email which is sent to the coach. The coach will be in contact with you within 2 working days.

The step by step instructions are on your e-gift card. E-gift cards for all your team members were provided to the person in your team who is leading on the WLA Coachathon.


The instructions are as follows:


  1. Once you submit your booking request, your coach will email you within 2 working days to secure a time slot for your coaching session on Wednesday 16th November 2022.
  2. Your coach will direct you to an Eventbrite page to purchase your coaching session. Your coaching session has already been paid for so you can enter your discount code on Eventbrite.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite – you must forward this to your coach to confirm your booking.

Your discount code is on your e-gift card. E-gift cards for all your team members were provided to the person in your team who is leading on the WLA Coachathon.

Discount codes are capped at the amount of sessions purchased by your employer.


If you feel an error has been made, please contact the team at

Yes indeed!


We are selling gift cards – just click here to find out more. You can gift a coaching session to a friend or family member, so they too can experience the transformational power of coaching.


You can also purchase another coaching session for yourself. Just visit the WLA Coachathon website, browse for your coach, and make a booking request. Your coach will direct you to the Eventbrite page to purchase your additional coaching session. This is where you can make your donation to MicroLoan Foundation. Please forward the booking confirmation email to your coach to confirm your session.

Absolutely! We welcome all donations, big and small, towards our fundraising total. Every pound, or dollar, will support women facing poverty to build businesses, so they can provide for their families.


Click here to make your donation.

Please see below a downloadable email template for your internal communications. There is also social media content, and a blog post template, if you wish to share about your involvement in the Coachathon externally.