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For coaches only: Enhance your ability to coach clients through stronger self-reflection and insight into personal style. Share your wins and concerns in a confidential one on one space with a trained Coach Supervisor.

Block out some time in your calendar on Wednesday 17th November! We’ll be hosting a range of online events on Coachathon day, so come along and join us. Watch this space to find out more!

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All coaches have extensive experience and training in their field of expertise.

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All coaching is completely confidential and focused on YOU.

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Whatever you want to make happen in your life, our coaches will help you!

How Does The Coachathon Work?

Step 1

Click on a coaching stream (at the bottom of this page)

There are different coaching streams available depending on what you'd like to work on.

Step 2

Select your preferred coach

Click on each coaching stream to browse coach's biography.

Step 3

Contact your chosen coach

When viewing a coach's profile, just click 'Book a Session' to directly contact your chosen coach. Together you can agree on a suitable timeslot for your coaching session which must take place on Wednesday 17th November as part of our 24-hour coaching marathon.

Step 4

Book your session (or a few) by making a donation to MicroLoan Foundation

Your coach will provide a link to a unique Eventbrite page where you can make your donation to MicroLoan Foundation. Once you receive your order confirmation via email (payment receipt) from Eventbrite, you need to forward this to your coach as proof of payment.

Step 5

Enjoy your coaching session

We hope you can get the most out of your coaching session; please rate your experience after on the WLA Facebook page! We really appreciate your support.

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All sessions MUST BE booked directly with your chosen coach. Please follow the step-by-step instructions above to book your session.

All proceeds will be donated to MicroLoan Foundation. The cost of one session will support one woman facing poverty to start her own small businesses, generating her own income to feed her family, pay for healthcare and send her children to school.

Yes, that would be AMAZING! Every donation has a life-changing impact. Please click on this link.

Ideally yes, but in case of emergency you can re-book your session a couple of days later (please note this depends on your coach's availability). Alternatively, you can gift your coaching session to another individual.

Consider the following to make sure you get the most out of your coaching session:

  • Spend some time reflecting on what the problems and challenges are you are facing right now.

  • Think about a future goal and what might be holding you back from achieving it.

  • Make sure you are on time.

  • The sessions are 45mins which goes by in a flash, so make sure you are fully focused during the session (turn phone / email notifications off)

  • Coaching is not counselling. The best coaching focuses you towards something you want to achieve in life and what you are going to need to best get you there.

  • Ask you coach if there is anything specific you need to complete before you attend.
    Enjoy it!

If it has been more than 2 working days, your coach may have missed your email. Please reach out to the WLA Coachathon team to ask them to contact your coach on your behalf: contact@mlf.org.uk

The WLA working with MicroLoan Foundation

Sandra Pinnington, Founder of the WLA, is a member of the Women’s Development Board at MicroLoan Foundation. Sandra was completely inspired by the charity as it touched a lot of her values and aspirations for a world where women are equal in society. The charity raises women out of extreme poverty by giving them hope and a life line to change their lives. To enable them to put food back on the table, keep their children in education and make a difference to their lives and their communities. In western cultures, we often take so much for granted. Together with Microloan Foundation, a little really does go a long way.

Mother of eight and super-entrepreneur, Mrs Mkonde, transforms her community.

Living below the poverty line means facing a daily struggle to feed and clothe your family, without the savings to pay for healthcare in emergencies and without the steady income to pay school fees for your children. 10 years ago, this was the reality for Mrs Mkonde, mother of eight, who lives in a rural village in Malawi.

Mrs Mkonde wanted her children to gain the education she never had growing up. But her small grocery stall selling rice, groundnuts and maize was not generating enough income to support her family’s needs.

In 2012 Mrs Mkonde joined a MicroLoan group and invested her first loan of £22 into her grocery stall. Driven and ambitious, she attended MicroLoan’s business training sessions to develop and hone her skills. Before long, her weekly profits more than doubled.

With each loan she took with MicroLoan Foundation, Mrs Mkonde expanded her business. Her grocery stall became a permanent shop made of bricks, and her shop became a mill at the heart of her village. Today, the mill serves local farmers, other small businesses and creates jobs for her community who have the opportunity to generate an income of their own.

When she first started as an entrepreneur, Mrs Mkonde struggled to feed her family. Now, she runs a small business empire which has transformed her whole community for generations to come.

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